Situated Action and Exhibition

Situated Actions and exhibition encompasses Participatory Design inspired exhibits, performances, demonstrations, and/or design/art work. For this call we are looking for site-specific experiential interventions which utilise Participatory Design processes, methods and ethos.

This programme aims to contextualise current participatory design practices with tangible examples which can have taken place ahead of or can occur within the conference schedule. We are interested in contributions from practitioners, academics, students, and the public.

The ‘Situated Action’ needs to be presented as a live interactive session during the conference, as well as in a physical and online exhibition context to present the variety PD work in an accessible format for a wider audience.

To get an idea of the expectations for this format, please take a moment to review the situated actions selected for PDC2022 in Newcastle, those included at PDC2020 in Colombia and those shown at PDC2018 in Hasselt.

Proposals should include a description of the Situated Action, if appropriate the wider project, its relationship to participation and how you propose to exhibit in an interactive way. In addition, plans or images, and specific requirements for realisation in terms of space and materials should also be included. Links to audio or video files describing the project can also be included to clarify aspects of the concept for reviewers and curators.

We are particularly interested in Situated Actions which have connection to this year’s conference themes of Connecting beyond participation: reaching out, and which explore the following sub-themes:

  • Reaching out to underrepresented groups in participatory design processes
  • Building bridges between academic researchers, practitioners, and community members
  • Exploring the potential of participatory design to connect different domains, such as art and science, or technology and culture
  • Using participatory design to connect different geographies and cultures, and promote cross-border collaboration
  • Leveraging participatory design to address global challenges, such as climate change or social inequality

You can submit your paper via the ConfTool submission system.

Important dates

All times are in Anywhere on Earth (AoE) time zone.

29th February 2024 – Submission deadline extended 

26th March 2024 – Notification of acceptance + feedback

31st May 2024 – Camera ready submission deadline

Submissions and Review Process

Submissions to Situated Actions should be made through the  Conftool system , using the PDC simplified template as explained in the Submissions Formatting page. Submissions will be reviewed by the Chairs for applicability to the PD conference, and (once accepted) undergo a process of curation in discussion with the chairs into the Situated Action format and for publication. Those submissions that address or explore the conference theme and have synergies with PDC Places will be favoured in the selection process.

Papers should be submitted according to the instructions and template available on the submission page

For further queries please contact the Situated Action and Exhibition Chairs

  • Lizette Reitsma (Malmö University, Sweden)
  • Emily Crompton (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
  • Nuraini Binti Daud (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia)



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