PDC Place India

Where: IDC, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, stands out as an exceptional venue for the conference for several compelling reasons. Mumbai, known as the financial and cultural hub of India, reflects the country’s vibrant and diverse ethos. As the home to one of India’s premier design institutions, IDC offers a unique blend of academic excellence and real-world design exposure. The institute’s cutting-edge facilities, experienced faculty, and the energetic spirit of Mumbai provide an ideal setting for fostering interdisciplinary discussions and collaborative exploration of Participatory Design. The city’s global connectivity and accessibility make it a hub for professionals, researchers, and practitioners, facilitating a rich exchange of ideas.

When: 9-10 August 2024 (Fri-Sat)

Why: The primary objectives of India PDC Place are: To explore the methodologies and values of participatory design in the Indian context. To initiate practitioners, students, and individuals from related fields into the principles of participatory design. To foster a dialogue on participatory design, its pedagogy, practice, and alternative histories in India.

Who: NISHANT SHARMA, IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India nishantsharma[at]iitb.ac.in AGNIVESH SHARMA, IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India agnivesh[at]iitb.ac.in DHRITI DHAUNDIYAL, IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India dhriti.dhaundiyal@iitb.ac.in UNNI MOHAN M. , IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India unnimohanm[at]iitb.ac.in MANOJ KUMAR M., IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India manojmidc[at]iitb.ac.in

For questions and/or registering interest in attending PDC Place India, please contact DHRITI DHAUNDIYAL dhriti.dhaundiyal[at]iitb.ac.in

PDC Place Activities (Please complete the table below with details about your PDC Place activities. Please add rows as needed)

Activity (input the name of the activity) When (Please input the date your activity will be taking place) Activity Description (please briefly and succinctly provide an overview of the activity)
Poster Display 9-10 August 2024 (Fri-Sat) A vibrant poster display showcasing student and researcher participatory design projects from diverse fields, extending beyond conventional design disciplines.
Workshops 9-10 August 2024 (Fri-Sat) Workshops related to Inclusive Mobility, Holistic Wellness through Healthcare and Sustainable Agricultural Practices
Beyond Academic Panel Discussion: Applying Participatory Research in Practice 9 August 2024 (Fri) A panel discussion will bring together practitioners, researchers, and professionals from various disciplines to share their insights and experiences in participatory design
Situated Actions Panel Discussion: Case Studies from the Field 10 August 2024 (Sat) This Panel Discussion is designed to unite NGOs, Thinktanks, practitioners, researchers, and professionals across an array of disciplines
Presentation by Invited Authors of Research Papers 9-10 August 2024 (Fri-Sat) Inviting accepted authors to share their research remotely or in person


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