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We are delighted to invite you to participate in the upcoming Participatory Design Conference 2024, to be held in Malaysia from 11 – 16 August 2024. Over the past three decades, the Participatory Design Community has been at the forefront of research and change initiatives aimed at promoting democratic values and allowing organizations and societies to develop based on a broad set of opinions and stakeholders.
The emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have played a vital role in both supporting and challenging participatory design initiatives. They offer powerful tools for change, but also present significant obstacles to maintaining democratic values. The arenas around this duality of ICT potentials have changed and diversified over time.
In many regions of the world, access to participation infrastructures – both technological and non-technological – continues to be a challenge. In other regions, issues of investment in and success with change initiatives are tightly connected with living socio-technical infrastructures, ranging from Open-Source-Platforms to Makerspaces to Social Media.
The theme of the conference is “Connecting beyond participation: reaching out.” We aim to explore how participatory design can bridge the gap between different stakeholders and communities, and promote meaningful and sustainable change. We encourage you to submit papers, posters, workshops, demos, and panels that address this theme.
We invite submissions on a wide range of topics related to participatory design, including but not limited to:
  • Co-design processes and methods
  • Participatory design in different domains, such as health, education, and social innovation
  • Ethics and social responsibility in participatory design
  • Participatory design and technology, including AI, IoT, and VR
  • Participatory design and sustainability
  • Participatory design and social justice
We also welcome contributions that explore the following sub-themes:
  • Reaching out to underrepresented groups in participatory design processes
  • Building bridges between academic researchers, practitioners, and community members
  • Exploring the potential of participatory design to connect different domains, such as art and science, or technology and culture
  • Using participatory design to connect different geographies and cultures, and promote cross-border collaboration
  • Leveraging participatory design to address global challenges, such as climate change or social inequality
  • All submissions will be peer-reviewed and selected based on their relevance, originality, and quality. Accepted papers and other contributions will be published in the conference proceedings and made available in the ACM Digital Library.
The conference will feature keynote speakers, paper and poster sessions, workshops, and other interactive formats that encourage dialogue and collaboration among participants. Additionally, we will organize social and cultural events to showcase the beauty and diversity of Malaysia.
Additional information:
Please note that To be considered for publication in the Proceedings of PDC 2024, at least one author must register and present the paper in person at the conference in Sibu.
We look forward to receiving your contributions and to seeing you at the Participatory Design Conference 2024 in Malaysia.
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