Accepted Full Papers

1. Designing artefact based probes for exploring permanent, temporary, and situational exclusion in public transportation
Dhriti Dhaundiyal, Nishant Sharma

2. Recasting ‘shadows’: Expanding respectful hierarchies in participatory design practices
Yoko Akama, Ko-Le Chen, Hirotake Imanishi, Yuko Kikuchi, Sarah Kushinsky, Sarah Teasley, Khemmiga Teerapong, Joyce Yee

3. Infrastructuring value exchange in communities through a boardgame
Simran Chopra, Harvey Everson, John Vines

4. Re-shaping participation in the field of architecture through service design. Challenges in knowledge transfer regarding end-user needs in interdisciplinary design processes involving architect and service design expertise
Valeria Gryada, Eevi Juuti, Aulikki Herneoja, Emilia Rönkkö

5. Might older adult participants have the richest material for technological imagination of us all?
Heidi Bråthen

6. Our water stories: Explorations of a participatory film method to support children set the agenda for design
Bronwyn Cumbo, Rowena Potts

7. Recovering lost futures of the past: Situating alternative futures within an indigenous Afrocentric orientation and past trajectory
Chris Muashekele, Kasper Rodil, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Shorty Kandjengo

8. Mapping user participation in the design of digital public services: Is Participatory Design Relevant?Jörn Christiansson, Erik Grönvall, Joanna Saad-Sulonen

9. Talk the talk, walk the walk: A case study on systematic evaluation in participatory design
Quynh Nguyen, Emma Jaspaert, Birgit Harthum

10. Reorientations: Practicing grief and hope in post-carbon futures
Li Jönsson, Kristina Lindström, Per-Anders Hillgren

11. Rehearsing and performing in design and living labs: Situated, relational, and embodied participatory design roles in partnerships
Maria Foverskov, Eva Brandt

12. Infrastructuring public history: When participation deals with the past
Violeta Tsenova, Maurizio Teli, Joëlla van Donkersgoed, Thomas Cauvin

13. Make friends not art: Mapping law, power and participation in designing an online platform during documenta fifteen
Roel Roscam Abbing, Ann Light

14. Participatory design that matters – with activism education of children
Netta Iivari, Leena Ventä-Olkkonen, Heidi Hartikainen, Sumita Sharma

15. Emerging technologies in global south classrooms: Teachers imagining future of education
Priyanka Sebastian, Sumita Sharma, Netta Iivari, Marianne Kinnula, Charu Monga, Deepanshu Verma, Muhammad Shahroz Abbas

16. Contamination, otherness, and negotiating bottom-up sociotechnical imaginaries in participatory speculative design
Alex Jiahong Lu, Eleanor Wikstrom, Tawanna R Dillahunt

17. Collective infrastructural speculations: A situated understanding of pasts, presents & futures of resilient community networks
Naveen Bagalkot, Siddhant Shinde, Nervo Verdezoto, Ganief Manuel, Muni Ramakka, Ndinelao Iitumba, Deysi Ortega, TB Dinesh, Melissa Densmore

18. Designing for care in the wikipedia community
Abd Alsattar Ardati, Angela Miguel, Alex Voss

19. Working to reclaim the streets for play: Tactical public space interventions in Mexico city’s colonias populares
Brenda Victoria Vertiz Marquez

20. The intangible outcomes of an intergenerational hackathon for active aging: a case study
Gubing Wang, Dena Kasraian, Yuan Lu, William Hurst, Marielle Jambroes, Pieter van Wesemael


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