Accepted Doctoral Colloquium Papers

1. Patainstitutioning: a practice-based investigation into designing (within) institutions
Isabella Brandalise

2. Cosmovision as a participatory space for re-situating otherwise
Andres Ortega

3. Potentials and challenges of hybrid participatory design tools in european urban planning
Luisa Hilmer

4. Reimagining digital marketplaces with and for microenterprises in rural Sarawak
Yang Bong

5. Eating together: Towards a gut-centred approach in participatory design
Josymar Rodríguez Alfonzo

6. Emergence, environmental activism and participatory design
Jessica Melville-Brown

7. Collaborative Online Learning (COLAB) model based on cultural approaches to increase parent-teacher engagement in primary school
Farhan Hanis Muhmad Asri, Dalbir Singh, Zulkefli Mansor

8. User experience evaluation framework for Malaysian e-government mobile applications
Emmy Hossain

9. A collaborative social design framework for an indigenous community: Empowering spiritual experiences through co-creation
Siti Nur Farahaina Sheh Hamidulfuad

10. Exploring teenagers’ thoughts, emotions, and behaviours in social media design: A participatory design approach
Mohd Rosidi Omar

11. Designing for resistance: Learning to do participatory design with marginalized communities
Nathaly Carolina Pinto

12. Navigating challenges in indigenous knowledge preservation through co-design in Sarawak, Malaysia
Marcella Peter, Jane Labadin

13. Care-full design of plant-human companionship for more-than-human neighbourhoods
Stephanie Ochona

14. Infrastructural practices for sustained participation: Towards equitable public services in the Finnish context
Uttishta Sreerama Varanasi

15. Designing socio-technical digital health interventions for and with low-resource communities
Deysi Ortega Roman

16. Flying the human-centred nest: Exploring participation in a more-than-human world
Sarah Kushinsky


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