Accepted Situated Action and Exhibition

1. IMVR: Immersive Molong in virtual reality
Tariq Zaman, Naqib Izzuddin Bin Hussien, Bram Kreuger, Paulina Michnowska, Diana Azlyn William     

2. A dynamically evolving multicultural escape suitcase travelling a participatory journey
Katja Becker, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Donovan Maasz, Selma Auala, Helvi Itenge, Joseph-David Isaacs, Kaulyaalalwa Peter, Naska Goagoses

3. Community podcast and soundscape creation on issues that matter to indigenous people across the globe
Katja Becker, Shorty Kandjengo, Peter Kaulbach, Donovan Maasz, Selma Auala, Joseph-David Isaacs, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus

4. Mending beyond fabric at Rafooghar: Participatory design for emotional repair, restoration, and resistance
Rubina Singh, Pooja Dhingra

5. Interactive Batang Oroo: A multisensory tool for experiencing Oroo’ language
Kah Soon Liew, Tariq Zaman, 
Diana Azlyn William

6. Digital Diabolo – a VR intangible cultural heritage game based on participatory design
Cuiting Kong

7. Retracing ecological relationships: Paving the way in Malaysia
Laura Boffi

8. Storytelling with the Penan people in Borneo. Situated participatory action through a multi-site community mural
Paulina Kamila Michnowska, Tariq Zaman

9. Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation, Malaysia
Nur Hartini Mardan, Khairul Hafiz Sharkawi, Antionette Goh Wei Ting, Errna Natasha Ramazi, Janahtul Farha Mehboob Khan

10. MYAR: Preserving Malay traditional headwear with augmented reality filter
Suhaili Din, Nurul Batrisyia Izzati Aziz

11. Reaching out by reaching in: A gut-driven exploration of participatory design language
Josymar Rodríguez Alfonzo,
Liesbeth Huybrechts

12. Identifying the affordances of The Library of Engagements
Emily Crompton

13. Pluriverse design – meet your buddy through scents
Yulu Zhang

14. Assembling indigenous climate observatories – local knowledge for local Action
Lizette Reitsma, Diana Azlyn William, Meshack N. Dludlu, Gugu Sibandze, Molibeli Taele, Charles Tseole, Tariq Zaman

15. Ocean relationalities: Exploring ocean connections through the lens of augmented reality and photostories
Marly Muudeni Samuel, Mia Strand

16. Pluriversal placemaking through Collage and Bricolage
Georgina Nolan

17. Participatory design in a changing world: A situated action
Liesbeth Huybrechts, Rachel Charlotte Smith, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Daria Loi, Jesper Simonsen, 


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