PDC Place Sibu

Where: Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

When: 12 August 2024

Why: Asian CHI is a platform showcasing the latest advancements in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Participatory Design (PD) with a focus on Asia. With the theme, “Contextualising Asian Culture in Participatory Design Research,” emphasizes the importance of incorporating Asian sociocultural factors into technology design and implementation. This event offers a platform for researchers, graduate students, and industry professionals to:

  • Learn about the latest HCI and PD research resulting from a diverse community of researchers and practitioners from academia and industry across Asia.
  • Explore how PD can be used to create inclusive and culturally sensitive technology solutions.
  • Discuss the role of technology in driving social change in Asia.
  • Gain valuable insights from case studies of successful regional PD projects.
  • Expand professional network.
  • Foster research project collaboration.

Who: Masitah Ghazali, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, masitah[at]utm.my
Eunice Sari, UX Indonesia, eunice[at]uxindo.com
Josh (Adi) Tedjasaputra, Customer Experience Insight, josh[at]cxinsight.com.au
Juliana Aida Abu Bakar, Universiti Utara Malaysia, liana[at]uum.edu.my
Ethel Ong, De La Salle University, ethel.ong[at]dlsu.edu.ph
Noris Mohd Norowi, Universiti Putra Malaysia, noris[at]upm.edu.my
Yohannes Kurniawan, BINUS University, ykurniawan[at]binus.edu
For questions and/or registering interest in attending PDC Place Sibu, please contact Masitah Ghazali masitah[at]utm.my

PDC Place Activities

Activity (input the name of the activity) When (Please input the date your activity will be taking place) Activity Description (please briefly and succinctly provide an overview of the activity)
Plenary session 12 August 2024 Two esteemed speakers will share their work in the Asian region or Asian-related projects in HCI and Participatory Design to inspire the Asian HCI community.
Oral presentation 12 August 2024 Authors will have the opportunity to present their works in poster form.
Interactive session 12 August 2024 Every participant can go around and interact with the authors during a dedicated interactive session.


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