Call for Hosts

Call for Proposals to Host the 2024 Participatory Design Conference

The PDC Advisory Board is delighted to issue a CfP to host the 18th biennial Participatory Design Conference in 2024.

Since 2012, each PDC was consistently attended by 200-250 people from 25-30 countries and PDC proceedings, included in the ACM digital library, are part of the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series. For more information about PDC, please see

The PDC 2024 conference will build on the previous PDCs, including PDC 2022 (Newcastle, UK), PDC 2020 (Manizales, Colombia) PDC 2018 (Hasselt, Belgium), PDC 2016 (Aarhus, Denmark), PDC 2014 (Windhoek, Namibia); PDC 2012 (Roskilde, Denmark); PDC 2010 (Sydney, Australia), etc. In the spirit of participation, we encourage applications from geographic locations that have never, or not recently, hosted PDC.

To be able to decide upon a venue for PDC 2024 we invite aspiring hosts to prepare a proposal that includes:

  1. The proposed hosting organization’s name and details. Note that a documented commitment from a local research group/team and the host institution must be included.
  2. Venue. Initial information such as conference facilities, hotels, the city, and potential social programs are great data points to include.
  3. Scheduled dates for the conference. This should be preferably between August 15th and December 15th, 2024. 
  4. Initial organizing committee plans. The names of the conference chairs and one program chair suffice. Note that the organizing committee must be negotiated with the PDC Advisory Board after acceptance of the proposal.
  5. Budget outline. An overall estimation of registration fees, and sponsor plan should be included.Profile of the conference. The proposed theme and how this theme will promote participatory design while building on the themes of past PDCs is encouraged.

Please contact the Advisory Board Chairs Rachel C. Smith <>  and Daria Loi <> if you have any questions and for assistance in putting together a good proposal. We also have additional resources and documents that provide further information about what the Advisory Board needs from applicants in order to make a decision on conference location, and resources from previous PDCs to help the conference organizer plan and carry out the conference. 

The site for PDC 2024 will be selected based on the ability of the proposed conference site to continue and develop further the profile of the PDC conference series, the organizers’ previous experiences in putting together similar events, the international reputation of the people who would be in charge of the conference, and the attractiveness of the venue. We warmly encourage proposals to pay attention to:

  • providing documentation that shows clear organizational support at the host’s end,
  • ensuring there is a committed team with a vision to enrich and expand PDC, e.g. by reaching out to other communities (academic and otherwise),
  • the logistical expertise and resources to successfully host a conference of the size of PDC.


  • 1st April 2022 – Proposals to host PDC 2024 should be sent to the PDC Advisory Board Chairs Rachel C. Smith <>  and Daria Loi <>
  • 1st May 2022 – PDC Advisory Board sends an initial response to bidders, requesting additional info if needed (to be resubmitted 15. May 2022).
  • 1st June 2022 – The venue decision is  made by the PDC advisory board and final responses are sent to bidders.

Announcement of the PDC 2024 host will be made  during PDC 2022. 

On behalf of the PDC Advisory Board,
Rachel C. Smith and Daria Loi


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