Programme Committee

The Programme Committee are the large team of experts in participatory design that complete reviews and meta-reviews of submissions for Full Papers and Exploratory Papers. Their voluntary labour is key to making the PDC conference happens, and is critical to forming an exciting and rich conference programme.


Information for Programme Committee members and Reviewers

If you are new to PDC, or indeed you have been on the Programme Committee before and would like a refresh on what reviewing means for PDC, please take a look at our guide for reviewing papers for PDC. This gives an overview of what PDC reviewers are asked to look for and act like when reviewing papers, and alos gives an overview of expectations and timelines.


Programme Committee

  • Tariq Zaman, University of Technology Sarawak (MY)
  • Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Namibia University of Science & Technology (NA)
  • Rogerio Abreu de Paula, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
  • Vincenzo D’Andrea, University of Trento (IT)
  • Margot Brereton, Queensland University of Technology (AU)
  • Amanda Anne Geppert, University of Chicago (US)
  • Kasper Rodil, Aalborg University (DK)
  • David Lamas, Tallinn University (EE)
  • Chiara Del Gaudio, Carleton University (CA)
  • Mika Yasuoka Jensen, Roskilde University (DK)
  • Naska Goagoses, Carl von Ossietzky Universitat Oldenburg (DE)
  • Asnath Paula Kambunga, University of Copenhagen (DK)
  • Daniel Tan Yong Wen, University of Technology Sarawak (MY)
  • Daria Loi, AntiVirus Advanced SeT (Avast)
  • Eunice Sari, UX Indonesia (ID)
  • Colin Stanley, Namibia University of Science & Technology (NA)
  • Gary Loh Chee Wyai, University of Technology Sarawak (MY)
  • Chris Muashekele, Aalborg University (DK)
  • Lizzete Reitsma, Malmö University (SE)
  • Emily Crompton, Manchester Metropolitan University (GB)
  • Rachel Charlotte Smith, Aarhus University (DK)
  • Maurizio Teli, Aalborg University (DK)
  • Marcus Foth, Queensland University of Technology (AU)
  • Leonardo Parra-Agudelo, Universidad de los Andes (CO)
  • Joyce Yee, Northumbria University (GB)
  • Lale Dilbas, Dokuz Eylul University (TR)
  • Marly Muudeni Samuel, Glasgow School of Art (GB)
  • Mariacristina Sciannamblo, Sapienza University (IT)
  • Yang Bong, University of Nottingham (GB)
  • Yoko Akama, RMIT University (AU)
  • Jaydon Farao, University of Cape Town (ZA)
  • Reem Talhouk, Northumbria University (GB)
  • Shaimaa Lazem, SRTA-City (EG)
  • Cheng Haw Yih, University of Technology Sarawak (MY)


  • Angelika Strohmayer, Northumbria University (GB)
  • Marisol Wong-Villacres, Georgia Tech (US)
  • Penny Hagen, Auckland Co-Design Lab (NZ)
  • Sanna Marttila, Hellon (FI)
  • Selina Schepers, LUCA School of Arts (BE)
  • Valentina Mejia Amezquita, Universidad Nacional de Colombia (CO)

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